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Mr Mack’s library (part 2)

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“Sooo…… what do we have to do,????”said Abby. “UGH….what we have to do is find a key to that smash/ bullet proof glass box that will give us a ticket have a meeting with Mr Mack and we might just might get the job application !”Atlanta  quickly explained .” WAIT… who are they !”Abby shouted nervously .

“Hello again children . One thing. You have other people competing with you.” said a hologram of Mr Mack.

So they began ,excited  to find the key. suddenly they found a mysterious looking shape that looked liked it would fit in the padlock that was on the bullet proof glass box . But what they didn’t know was there was fake keys around the room…….

Mr Mack’s library

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“AHHHHHH THERES A SPIKEY THING!!!!!!”screamed Abby. “its a hedgehog Abby JEEZ “Atlanta rolled her eyes. ” I’m getting out of here”.so off Atlanta went to the fire exit . But no one could escape Mr Mack’s library once the started playing. They were the chosen ones. “THE TIGER WAS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Atlanta shouted. “first of all it’s the tiger is blocking our escape and its a HEDGEHOG . who’s the stupid one now!” Abby sighed .

“hello children welcome to my library, where you are in a competition to win a job here in this library” said a hologram of Mr Mack…..”BEGIN”