Dork Diaries Dear Dork

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A Journalism intern. Mr Zimmerman, our adviser, was wearing a pink sweater. He requested that I have all the people at the front blow about 76 bubbles in an hour, so lets do that right now.”

Makenzie huffed and rolled he eyes at the prospect of having to give up her seat to a newbie. “REALLY?” It is not like your having to put up matching curtains or something, is it? I strolled to my chemistry class when I saw a person with an empty bicycle. Then I raced down the hall  to check the striped box right outside the Cafeteria. There Was a Letter in there, too!

killer clown !!!!!!!!!!

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I wondered what was behind the door and  it was a killer clown but it is a very  good one but it was following  me. I wondered what was behind the door and it was my mum and she was  ill so I would not go near hear  at all. I wondered what wales behind the door and it is my dog and my dogs name is Tinkerbelle she is special to me I will nether  leave hear she is so good for me. When I give  her a dog treat  she go into her bed and go to sleep for me.

The deadly!!!!!trap run!!! Part1

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…Toady I woke up in the in the Sahara desert !!!!! As the pyramid got built I went in to steel the  King then it turned into a trap run for a second I though what is and not deadly.

. Bees

. completeness

. getting told off

then I ran across the trap run But I was exhausted by all the spike traps. finally I got to the king then the guards came out of nowhere!!! As I ran it stared spraying pink bubbles then it fired a bicycle and a empty but poisoned box. Then the  developer appeared  not a fake developer a real devle …

to be contued




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christmas is good for people because we get presents .  And stockings    And make a mess  so are mums have to tidy  are mess haha and I got  some slime for Christmas 🎄 and Santa

A mixture of random sentences…?

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Uhh, how do I start this blog??? Wait, I know! RANDOM SENTENCES!!! Wait, maybe I should explain why I’m doing this to myself. I’M LOCKED IN A DUNGEON AND THERE IS ONLY A SMALL WINDOWS XP COMPUTER THAT SOMEHOW LOADS THIS PAGE. PLEASE SOMEONE SEND HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) My bicycle is quite green, even though I CLEARLY asked for a blue one.

2) 😢 My biscuit wrapper is empty… WHAT HAVE I DONE???!!

3) I hate bubbles of any kind, because they always go into MY EYES!!!

4) Pink is disgusting! (as well as purple!!)

5)Fire into space, our planet can’t handle all us!

Bicycle, empty, bubbles, pink and fired.

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There was a time when a lady was riding her bicycle to work and then her boss showed up to her and said ” Why are you late” ” I was riding my bicycle and not my car😩” ” You are fired ” ”WHAT! ”. So that day she was very depressed that she lost her job. So to calm herself down with all the stress she had a pink bath with bubbles to cheer her up. The next day she decided to move to a different country and a different house. The country that she moved to is L.A. which is Los Angeles. And then she met guava juice which is epic. But her house was pretty empty. So she had to buy a lot furniture.

So see you later on……………………….. Poppie’s story corner and see you later. bye people

week 16 New Prompt

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This week we have 5 words which seem to have no connections! They must all be in your writing but can be in any order. Don’t forget, your piece must make sense!

The words are:

Bicycle   Empty   Bubbles   Fired   Pink


Mrs Addleton

The weird light bulb .

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One day in a gloomy abandoned cabin the Woods family walked through the door to see if their was any shelter they can use . So they knocked on the door but no one answered so they walked in . Nobody was their so they walked in and sat on a big scruffy sofa in the middle of the large room … They looked and realised it was very dark so they walked to the front door and switched on a switch … Nothing happened … So they switched it on again … A massive light shone from the ceiling … The eldest in their family looked up to see if it was a light bulb … But he got blinded by the bright light … That’s why you never look straight into a light .

The light bulb

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In a dusty,gloomy woods lived a old witch.No lights, no windows, just a shed !                        she didn’t like any thing that normal people have, she wasn’t exactly normal …

another day …

a girl from across the city went for a ‘nice’ stroll in the woods …

suddenly, she came across the witches hut …

she found part of a light bulb on the floor , she walked in the shed and thought it was very bare  to her eyes it was pitch black, she remembered she hd the light bulb, so she took it out of her bag and found the cord and there ,finished.

Jamie and the Sun Minion

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One cloudy day, Jamie was outside playing in his barren garden when his mum strolled out and exclaimed “Get in this minute Jamie, because the sun will come out from behind that cloud any second now and you don’t have your sunglasses on!”  Jamie ignored his mum and got more toys from his toy shed.  He chose a teddy minion and put it in the dirt.  Jamie lay in the dirt alongside his beloved toy and lifted his head up towards the sky.  As he watched the sky he noticed a minion shaped cloud but the sun peeped out and the light blinded him.  Very quickly, Jamie covered his eyes with his hands and shouted “Mum.  My eyes!”  Then he went to the opticians to learn how to keep his eyes safe in the sun.