Summer Holidays Week 47 Prompt

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This week we have 5 words that must all be in your work but they can be in any order. Don’t forget, that it should make sense!


Mrs Addleton

Summer Holidays Week 46 Prompt 100wc

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We go back to part of a sentence this week. The prompt is:

…but when I looked behind me

Mrs Addleton

Summer Holidays Week 45 100wc

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This poor chap has a big problem!

Mrs Addleton

Box Racoon Chair Sky Leaf 100 wc

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I know it’s been awhile and this is a prompt from a couple weeks ago. The thing is I don’t really care.

There was a little girl named Sky. She was a very shy around people at school. She felt like everyone was making fun of her and she basically put herself in a boxWhen she was at home the only thing she would do is draw and she loved doing that all she used to sketch were raccoons even though they’re  garbage critters doesn’t mean that they could be her favourite animal.

Sky always drew on her favourite chair it was from the 1920’s. It was so comfy to sit on, she thought it made her think a lot more to write. She loved anything to do with English and descriptive writing. So you could call a book worm but in a good way :). Guess what her her favourite season is… Autumn, her favourite part about it was trampling on the leaves to hear the delightful crunch ponder other ears. One time Sky went to the woods with her mum, she sawlogs and lots of wood dens. She went to one of them, her mum didn’t notice that she had went usually she would say ” I’m just going to a den ” but this time she didn’t.

As her mum didn’t know that she had wondered off somewhere she just carried on with the walk through the forest. Sky had noticed that her mum was long gone, she felt abandoned. Sweat poured, heart pounded, she didn’t know what to do…


Goodbye Poppie

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Dear Poppie,

This blog is a BIG SHOUT OUT to YOU!  You have been the most dedicated Wildground blogger imaginable.  Poppie, you have written hundreds of blogs, received comments from people around the world and helped countless other Wildground bloggers get their ideas into writing.  What will we do without our talking thesaurus?
I am sorry we did not get a chance to say goodbye but you know how much the blogging community will miss you at playtimes.  I will definitely miss settling down to your whimsical reads on a Friday evening.  However, we won’t delete your account so feel free to comment or even post to let us know how secondary school is going.
Best of luck,

Mrs Addleton

Summer Holidays Week 44 100wc Prompt

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Hello holiday bloggers,

100wc is going to run through the summer holidays this year because some schools around the world are staying open.  So if any of you Wildground writers have a passion to publish, I will be keeping the blog running for you.

Here is this weeks prompt:

…then the crowd erupted with laughter…

Things to think about:

  • Where is ‘the crowd’?
  • Why are they there?
  • Why are they laughing?

Mrs Addleton

Week 43 100wc Prompt

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Many schools are closing for the holiday so this prompt it is quite appropriate. It is:

…then it began…

Mrs Addleton

The day the Nyx stroke back (part one?)

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A few months after the Nyx had been defeated, everything seemed back to normal, until Anna found a strange letter on her shelf the next morning. She quickly examined the old, yellowing piece of paper, then noticed a hoof print on the back of the page. “Nyx…” she thought to herself. “ I’d almost forgotten about you…” Anna rushed out the front door with Kristoff and Sven, and about 20 minutes later, arrived at the enchanted forest. “Elsa!” She screamed. “I-I think that the Nyx is back again!” Elsa rushed up. “How can you be sure?” She asked. “ it’s not like you have proof or anything.” “Yes I do have proof…” Anna said, pulling out the yellowish piece of paper from her pocket. Elsa got so shocked that she started to hyperventilate and almost fainted, but Anna caught her just in time. “Wow, Elsa.” Anna teased. “I would of brought a fan if i had known that you somehow almost fainted!” Elsa gave Anna the stink eye and told her, ” Seriously, this isn’t time for jokes, Anna.” Anna gave a nod, then Elsa went to get the Noltholdra tribe and told them what was going on. “She Almost fainted when i told her…” Anna told them. Elsa gave Anna a swift jab on the arm with her elbow to keep her quiet. “Ow!” Anna mumbled under her breath. “Yes, I knew this.” Elsa told them. “there was another piece of writing in Ahtohallan, well it was there the last time i went there.” THEN WHY WERE YOU SO STARTLED THAT YOU ALMOST FAINTED?!?!?” Anna screeched. “You see, it said that it would come back, but it didn’t say when.” Groaned Elsa. “Really, Anna?” “Sorry, Sister…” Anna said apologetically. “It’s fine.” Elsa said. “Follow me, and I’ll explain it all when we get there.” Elsa explained it, but only Anna understood, so Yelana and Honey-Maren just nodded enthusiastically until it was over, then they both said… “We don’t understand anything you just said, Elsa!” “What Elsa’s trying to say is that the Nyx has a secret Machine on an unknown piece of land which restores all it’s health when it gets defeated.” Anna explained. “Oh, now I get it!” Said Honey-Maren. “So the Nyx is basically invincible-Well it can be defeated if it’s whateveryoucallit gets defeated first- so it’ll be really hard to, but I think there’s someone who may be able to…” They all stare at Elsa for what seemed like the 1,000,000th time that day, then she said… “Umm.. what? *Gasp!* No. I can’t do it!”  “There’s NO WAY i’ll be able to defeat the strongest half animal/human in the whole fjord, so don’t try to make me!” “Um, excuse me, You’ve defeated the Nyx before, so you can now.” Anna reassured her. Elsa said that she was going to do it, So she called on the Nokk. “Let’s do this, Nokk!” She Told her trustworthy sidekick. “And don’t worry, Anna, I’ll be just fine.” Elsa gave Anna a weak smile, then galloped off into the horizon, in hope to defeat this monster for good. The Nokk gave a small neigh, so Elsa stroked it’s neck and told it, “You’re going to be fine, we’ve done this before.” Many times.. she thought to herself. Back at the castle…. “Anna, don’t be worried about Elsa, she’ll be fine. Claire reassured her. “Yeah. you’re right.”    “She”ll be just fine.” Back on the seas, Elsa was galloping across the fjords’ water, and then she saw it… Yep. I’m leaving you hanging. But if your the type of person who gets freaked out by cliffhangers, Extremely long stories and that type of stuff, you probably shouldn’t read the next part (if i DO make another part, that is)…

Week 40 100wc

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… and then I saw it …

Mrs Addleton