Pictures from day 1

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Day 1 complete

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So some great activities today! Miss Holland’s group have been practising their bushcraft skills and lit a fire and even cooked on it. Miss Hemsley’s group have kayaked and spent a lot of time capsizing (on purpose!). Miss Cooley’s group have made shelters and they were tested with water. Mrs Hall’s group have abseiled and Mrs Drodge’s group have flown across the lake on a zip wire! Looking forward to tomorrow!!


Avon tyrell

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We have arrived safe and well and are now on our first activities. Some are kayaking, some abseiling and some doing team work activities.

Medusa description by Lady Chantelle

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Medusa’s black, ruthless snake hair withers about in the darkness. Her eyes searching around the dark conurbation for souls to steal. Skin, scaled, like a crocodiles back shivers as a gust of wind covers her body.

 She searches for her prey while carrying the guilt of her evilness with her.

Shivering, Medusa looks back and remembers her pure golden hair; regrets are kept away.

Still, her crooked nose cannot help but sniff away when she finally sees someone to turn into a gravestone.

By Lady Chantelle <3

Medusa description by Katie Hall

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As dark as the midnight sky, her soul buried deep beneath her skin,  she slithers in her lair, carrying her guilt and regrets behind her. Pure evil pulsated through her veins as she awaited her next victim. Medusa`s blood thirsty snake hair withered looking for souls to steal. With a tear escaping down  her eye she wept, “He was a handsome one’, whilst  the snakes goaded the statues.

by Katie hall

Evacuation Day

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I heard an explosion. I woke up in horror. My heart beating like a drum. I heard the sirens wail; like a baby crying. Rubble covered the floor like a blanket of stone. People were rushing to their air raid shelters, in a filed order. Smoke surrounded the streets like guards.


Mother said we were going on holiday. Why did we have to go to school if we were going on holiday, if we are all going  why is mother not coming? She wrapped me up warm and gave me my sandwiches-corned beef my fav ! It was so tempting to eat my sandwiches right away.

With a hug and a kiss she placed me on board the train. I wish she wouldn’t cry like that, I hate seeing her cry like that. Since dad and my brother went to war all she does is cry.

I waved her goodbye as the train set off, I wondered where my class mates and I were going.

The Iridescent land

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This extraordinary experience is mouth watering. The beautiful colours are so pretty you can’t bear to tear your eyes away.  The trees are like soldiers swaying in the wind. Above, the gorgeous night sky is so light you don’t even know it’s night.


The sky is so irridescent you just can’t stop looking at it.

Mystical land

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The glimmering sun shines over the turquoise water. Deer leap over the dewy grass in excitement. The tall green trees stand like big soldiers standing around an enchanted lake. You can smell bonfires crackling in the breeze of the forest wind. The emerald leaves sway in the never ending sky which goes on forever. The short green grass turns yellow and wilts as summer turns into autumn.       avator forest

A mystical enchantment

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A mystical enchantment
Glistening lily pads float in the shimmering water.Birds tweet a peaceful song. The smell of the lavender flows through the air along with the warm summer breeze. Trickling drops of glistening water fall down from above; falling onto the glowing emerald plants below. The plants shimmer in the moon light as the tall soldiers stand guard. Golden fish glide through the sapphire liquid. Old Orchids lay next to a sparkling bag of pixie pollen. Emerald grass shivers in the enchanting winds of your universe.

Mystical Land

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A mysterious unexplored place …
When you walk through this place it’s not just a place it’s a territory of an unknown species. They are blue with a height of an elephant nearly two and a half meters tall.
Their place is a no man’s land their habitat is like a death trap AKA a non-civilized area. Maybe you can explore the wonders and secrets and the species of this world. How are we going to find out all these things? You can smell hear and touch the fruit.
The trees are like green monsters or a troll in disguise how long is the day how long is the night? This might be a planet war or maybe the end of the world…