Camp fire

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So it all ended with a magnificent camp fire. What a week! I particularly liked the videos!! Brilliant actions teachers!!

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Last day

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WOW! What a fantastic last day! More activities to fit in before a tremendous campfire and marshmallows. We have absolutely loved it and have had many many laughs and lots of fun. The children have been amazing……….year 6 2017 -you are the best!
Avon Tyrell 2017= AWESOME!

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Day 3

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Despite the drizzle we have had another fantastic day. Bushcraft, mountain biking, archery, more kayaking and egg drop were the main events today. Oh and cabin inspection is being taken very seriously- the competition is fierce!!Miss Cooley day 3 025 Miss Cooley day 3 026 Miss Cooley day 3 027 Miss Cooley day 3 028 Miss Cooley day 3 029 Miss Cooley day 3 030 Miss Cooley day 3 031 Miss Cooley day 3 032 Miss Cooley day 3 033 Miss Cooley day 3 034 Miss Cooley day 3 035 Miss Cooley day 3 036 Miss Cooley day 3 037 Miss Cooley day 3 038 Miss Cooley day 3 039 Miss Cooley day 3 040 Miss Cooley day 3 041 Miss Cooley day 3 042 Miss Cooley day 3 043 Miss Cooley day 3 044 Miss Cooley day 3 045 Miss Cooley day 3 046 Miss Cooley day 3 047 Miss Cooley day 3 048 Miss Cooley day 3 049 Miss Cooley day 3 050 Miss Cooley day 3 051 Miss Cooley day 3 052 Miss Cooley day 3 053 Miss Cooley day 3 054 Miss Cooley day 3 055 Miss Cooley day 3 056 Miss Cooley day 3 057 Miss Cooley day 3 068 Miss Cooley day 3 069 Miss Cooley day 3 071 Miss Cooley day 3 072 Miss Cooley day 3 073 Miss Cooley day 3 074

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How did the Trojan horses escape?

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how did the Trojan horses escape!
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I was on one of the Trojan horses at the fair. I was enjoying myself and having fun when suddenly I saw a knight. He cut the metal like it was just rope and my horse started galloping away! Am I going to see my mum and dad again . Do you know where the horse is going? The rope looked like snakes I was scared. I wonder if I will ever see my mum or dad again I miss them so much I wonder if my horse is taking me to Spain because it fells like its getting hotter I’m in Spain there’s the sign. Goodness it must be 38 c the end !

The Mysterious Merry Go-Round

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There was once a beautiful merry go-round which had a magical secret that nobody knew until there was a little girl called Bethany who cut them lose. That night, when Bethany was sat on the window she noticed something in the distance. Head tilted to the side and eyes squinted she realised it was the horse that she cut from the merry go -round. Then suddenly there was a BANG and after that the horse was flying high in the sky she ran after it and said” can I come with you please ” she said happily so she got on the back of the horse and they went to a magical fairy land.

The run away horses

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Once upon time there was a girl who cut the rope of the merry go round when she saw it she thought that the horses were alive .

Hesitating, but on she went. She thought that the horse she had cut free was her mum and all the others were her friends. One of them was called Phoebe, the most beautiful horse, the others,well she didn’t want to say their names so she ran after them and said “COME BACK HERE” but they didn’t except for one; it was Amy the other friend of hers who turned in to a horse, and I should know because I was the girl who cut the rope and my name is BETHANY.

The Magic Place

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A merry go round, 10 horses, 2 children (Doris and Jamie) and that magic Place. The place where the horses of the merry go round ran riot and came to life, and when micky mouse made your smile brighter when he smiled at you, when you had anxiety going on the highest rollercoaster. The girl over there, Ava, frowned and everything changed the horses didn’t run riot, Micky didn’t smile anymore and everything was grey. The horse galloped to Disney Land to be better then Micky, Micky lost his happiness and his ears flopped. Later on that year everyone was happy again. The horses came back and Micky was happy again!

Trojan Horses Powerhousing Through The Fairground

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Trojan horses riding happily on the merry-go-round when suddenly their minds went completely bonkers when their ancestors telepathically communicated across time. Their anxiety burst into anger their power severed like it was a piece of string, and its friend was in pane because its hoof got tangled in the bars. despite the pane the Trojan horse galloped on towards the city of Troy. When he got there the city of Troy has been smashed down, what’s left is about 3 foot of wattle and daub. both of the Trojan horses were gutted that there was nothing left so they made a mew life in the city of TROY. THE END

Day 2 Complete

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Mrs D day 2 004 Mrs D day 2 006 Mrs D day 2 009 Mrs D day 2 012 Mrs D day 2 015

Activities for day 2 have finished. Some magnificent shelters have been constructed and fun in the sun.  Pictures from Mrs Hall’s, Miss Hemsley’s and Mrs Drodge’s group below. All asleep now for some much needed restMiki day 2 002 Miki day 2 003 Miki day 2 004 Miki day 2 005 Miki day 2 006 Miki day 2 007 Miki day 2 016 Miki day 2 017 Miki day 2 018 Miki day 2 019 Miki day 2 020 Miki day 2 034 Miki day 2 036 Miki day 2 041 Miki day 2 071 Miki day 2 098 Miki day 2 099 Miki day 2 111 Miki day 2 169 Miki day 2 172!