Awe – Inspiring Animal…

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Tigger? What’s happened to you? I thought… you were friends with Winnie the Pooh? But why have you gone to the desert? By terrorising his friend? (I’d dealt it!) but this is what he does every day on the island… wait… what island? Maldives! We’re here at the Maldives and he is really savage… he bites leaves for food, drinks the sea for drink and he gets attention when he roars. That’s all he does but when did he come here? It wasn’t 1986 because it would be too long because tigger was still Winnie’s friend it was in 2017 August 40th wait I know that’s not a real date it’s just… it was secretly created in 2017 in the US!


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This mysterious creature was a never before seen . it was called a cat mixed with  the letters 12345678 , 9 and a mermaid.if you asked a number question , Eg: 2100+1000= 3100 . “Meow Meow . She colour changes red from orange to green to blue to indigo to violet.She ate candy canes and  gummies. this creature  was very special because it has more than 1 special ability. it could fly , leap as high as 100000 sky Scrapers on the top of each other. it could kill a balloon with a scrub of orange peel on her hand, put the orange peel away and touch the balloon . And… POP!

The era beast

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The era beast is a inter-dimensional menace it has a beard thingamajig that tears open the rift between physical entity’s and spiritual entity’s. the era beast can open rifts between time, space, reality and physical objects. The era beast is only as big as a small springer spaniel but don’t be scoffing and going “well that’ll be easy to defeat” cause it wont, in the era beasts case, size wont mater in a battle. the era beast has a shrill cry that lures any good person too it, thinking its a cry lost girl, but then that decent honest person gets gobbled up. the era beast has a line a poisonous claws that rip through his back. the era beast is native to a small settlement in  the middle of the fire desert. the era beast also has a horn, like a unicorn, on its forehead that shoots out electricity. the maleficent beast has hoofs to keep it steady and it looks like some camel tracks, so anyone would follow them, thinking it will lead to a mean of traveling, but then getting gobbled up. the final thing this beast has to offer is a scorpion tail, long, thin and deadly, but instead of emitting venom, the era beast emits a toxic gas that can infiltrate the lungs and stop them from working. that is all the era beast does, the end…

the night zoo keeper finds a mysterious animal!

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An  Alicorn which is the most magical creature in the universe. They eat candy canes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert so they have an extreme sweet tooth. Alicorns are nice and kind hearted so they wont hurt you. They trot gracefully and fly like an angel. They live in the magical pink lake where the candy cane trees grow in grace. They are as sweet as a lollipop.

100wc Competition Time. Week 31

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Our friends at Night Zookeeper have set a special prompt for us this week. It is about their upcoming book, The Lioness of Fire Desert, which is available in August. In the story, Night Zookeeper Will travels to the Fire Desert and discovers a pink lake and animal hospital.

Prompt: Can you invent a magical animal that could live in one of these magical places and tell us all about them?

Prize: There is a prize for the animal they like the best.

Extra info: You can order the Giraffes of Whispering Wood and The Lionness of Fore Desert on Amazon.


Playtime Grass Art

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We have celebrated the first week of playtimes on the field by using those (oh so tempting) piles of grass cuttings to make works of art; certainly never to throw at each other!


“when did it arrive?” I said…

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“When did my package arrive” I said to  myself thoughtfully. Why does it have a hole in it? Has something got in to my surprise? I don’t know why my item has gone.SOMEONE HAS STOLEN MY ITEM. I’m so angry grrrrrrrrrrr.I don’t know why someone would steal something from me I’m sweat and innocent.Even though a person might’ve stole my item it’s fine no one knows that so it is a secret. So i have to keep this a big secret ok mind so don’t tell me to tell anyone cuz in need to go to sleep bye so go away. SHOO SHOO.

Year 6 Animations

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Year 6 have been using plasticine models and a series of still photographs to make movies.

Week 30 100wc New Prompt

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Good Morning Bloggers,

Here is the new prompt for this week.

…’when did it arrive?’ I said

Things to consider:

  • What is it?
  • Why is the question being asked?
  • What will the result be if ‘IT’ is late or early?

Get creative!

Mrs Addleton


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One day, A misty ghost frantically danced in school he slipped on a banana and grazed his arms. Crimson red blood came out . WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Shouted the teacher. He was buried in a grave. A tarantula who had crimson red eyes and bat black body that will give a scare IF YOU SEE HIM IN FOR A SCARE IF YOU DARE! He sat on the mat with a cat on a random Saturday.