The mysterious village

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I woke up suddenly felling ill and then I heard this loud sound coming from outside…

It was a yellow coloured dog so I put my coat and my black trainers on and at lightning speed I raced down the stairs and to find the dog gone. It was very mysterious…

I didn’t even know what time it was. So I checked my phone and it was 12am it was so late. No wonder I was so tired. If I go back to bed mum and dad won’t even know that I’m awake so I wont get told off.

So I went back to bed. Then suddenly it was the morning it felt like the night went so fast. I woke up and I went down stairs and I saw mum making pancakes and mum said “The pancakes are almost ready”. and I said “ok let me get dressed first and brush my teeth then I’ll be right down”. and mum said “ok”. So I went upstairs and got dressed and brushed my teeth. Then I heard the same noise as last night and I went to look out of my window and the dog was there then I heard mum say “BREAKFAST IS READY” .

Then I turned my back for a second and the dog was gone… Then I went down stairs but if I tell mum she would probably just say I’m hallucinating. So I had my breakfast and I asked mum if she was taking me to school but mum said “No” and I said “Ok” and she said “Get the taxi if you want to”. After that, Mum left and I called the taxi app and the person said on the phone that they will be here in 6 minutes so I waited and I saw the dog so I went over and grabbed the dog and the dog was a puppy.

Then, the taxi arrived so I went in with the puppy but I had to hide it under my coat because you aren’t aloud dogs in the car so I said were to take me and then the taxi driver took a complete wrong turn and I said “Where are you taking me “. He didn’t say anything I started to panic. Then we arrived at this random place. Then the taxi driver said “Get out of my car now”. Then is said “This is not my destination”. Then he said “GET OUT “.

So I did get out of the car it was like I was in a jungle then I saw this waterfall it was so pretty then the puppy jumped out of my coat and it started running so I started to follow her and she came to this tiny village I was breathing heavily because I ran like 10 miles… I had to sit down. Then this person came out of one of the houses and he said good girl Katie .Which I think was the dogs name because the dog went to the mysterious man. He kind of looked like a wizard and he said “I was expecting you”. I said “Expecting me… what do you mean”.

He said “I sent Katie out to find you ” . And I said “Why”. Then he said “Because you have been chosen to be this villages queen” I said “Villages queen”. He said “Yes” . Then people started to come out of their houses and they all said “THE QUEEN IS HERE”. then is said “I would like to be your queen but I have to go home”. Then everyone said “Please stay”. Also it was like I was like in a magical movie because they all had wands and staffs it was amazing and also I kind of wanted to be there queen. It means no rules or anything its amazing so I said “YES I WILL BE YOUR QUEEN ONLY IF I GET TO GO HOME TO SAY HELLO TO MY MUM AND DAD”. Then the wizard said your mum and dad lived in this village when they were young.

I said “What how come they didn’t tell me that “. The wizard said ” Your mum was a princes and your dad was a young wizard himself and I’m your grandad”. This was so much to handle it was crazy. “Where is my mum and dad… grandad” .Then he said “In the castle”. So I stood up and I went to the castle and then I opened the door and there was mum and dad on the thrones and I was so amazed and mum and dad said “Yay your her darling”. And I said “I’m your queen” and mum said “Yes you are come sit on my throne then”. Then I sat on the throne and it was amazing now I’m a ruler of this village. I cant wait until I can make some new houses and build new things .

I felt so excited…

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Congratulations on publishing your first blog Ava. I love the ingenious way you have incorporated all the prompt words. I think you could improve the blog by avoiding using the words ‘then’ and ‘so’ as sentence starters. Fantastic use of direct speech but remember to include full stops and other punctuation within the inverted commas. You must have enjoyed writing this story because you have gone way, way beyond the 100 words! I can’t wait to read more blogs from you.
    5 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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