Part two

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Uh… ok fine come back on the plane he said with Disappointment yay Then I remembered I couldn’t take the polar bear home and then I heard waffling from my bag shhh every one said I was quite shocked of how many people on the plane but soon as I got back home I went to my friends and I went there for a bit I slept there for a couple of days my mum was wondering where I was but I decided to stay there for it please two weeks I said to mum on the phone she said fine you can stay there for two weeks but you must be back next week because I was already there for seven days and then she got a shock I still hade the polar bear and then she said never come back to this place again but I was quite sad but at least I still got to see her she still gloved day no but I just had to leave because she wouldn’t except the polar bear in her house and she was really really hoping that I would be good at theirs and I was until this one night my polar bear woke everyone up and then everyone blamed on me so I left the house and went to my Nanes and then I moved on to go to my grandads then I moved on to go to my auntie‘s and then I’ve got my own home and it was quite fun there but I was alone but at least I found his habitat and I made him his own polar bear ice place outside it was quite icey Out there And I gave him an igloo and he was happy and so was I  yayyy

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    My goodness Sophie, two blogs in one evening! I’m glad you found a home for the polar bear in the end. Next time, check your blog for full stops – read this one out loud to yourself and see how many you used. I think you’ll be quite out of breath by the end! I like the way you used a technical word ‘habitat’ to describe the home or environment that the polar bear needed to survive because this is something climate scientists study.
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    Mrs Addleton

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