Sophie’s poem

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Mum I shouted as I knocked on the door “yes” I was wondering if I could uh… Maybe? Keep a polar bear WHAT ARE YOU  CRAZY she stammered “uh well maybe a little.

TAKE IT BACK !!!! I- NO NOW o-ok Then I went on a plane and I went back to the North Pole but Something was a bit odd the ice was melted and all that was left was  water WAIT ! …I .’Sighs’ I need to get back on please I’ll do anything? uh…

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Sophie, congratulations on publishing your first piece of writing to the world! I’m so excited by your blog because you raise an important issue; Polar bears really are endangered, in part, due to the polar land mass shrinking. Your post reminds me of a book called His Dark Materials in which the little girl (Lyra) travels with a great polar bear.
    I wonder if you think any other animals might be at risk from melting ice caps?
    5 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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