We need vehicles

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We always need cars and that because if you know you going to be late it is always quick so you don’t need any of them if you can’t afford it.But obviously if you can afford it I will go and have a look at the .It is always now and then and good thing to walk on ride or anything that’s exercising or like go to the gym .I’m just saying you will still have to pay tax but sometimes it’s just quicker getting some where if you late or in a rush.These are just some sentences to maybe you might start thinking about it.See you soon bye .also 111 words

3 responses to “We need vehicles”

  1. Osea says:

    Ih Devon make sure you don’t spaces your full stop but still good effort

  2. Osea says:

    Nice job Devon

  3. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Devon,
    Congratulations on publishing your first blog! You have written a well balanced argument for cars and other means of transport, giving reasons why cars in particular are good and why they are not. Make sure you read your writing through before you send it for publishing – you have one sentence that you didn’t finish in this blog. I think you could improve the first sentence by saying ‘We always need cars and other methods of transport’ rather than ‘cars and that’. I particularly like the way you mention tax and I do agree that it is good for our health if we can walk or cycle whenever possible. Remember to use the current weeks prompt if you want your blog to be posted on the 100 Word Challenge website.
    5 house points
    Mrs Addleton.

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