Lost memories; a blog on what happened before part 1.

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Before I write part 2.. A little touch on what happened before and why Olly is trying to fold everyone into origami and why he hates his sister, Olivia.

So, as you know, Olly was folded with the fold of life and that means he is like a human but he is origami. The origami craftsman put a note on Olly’s body saying ‘Dear Olly, I trust you will be a great and kind King.’ But Olly doesn’t know that so he thinks that the origami craftsman just scribbled all over Olly’s body. Olivia does not agree with Olly’s plans so pleads for him to stop. Olly refuses and goes to Toad town, where he stuffs Olivia in a wall so he can build a (perfect?) kingdom. Mario finds Olivia and they team up to stop Olly, but Olly  wraps the castle in streamers, and they go to 5 different places:

Red: Overlook Mountain

Blue: Shogun Studios

Yellow: Scorching Sandpaper Desert

Purple: Sea tower

Green: Bowser’s castle-Shangri-Spa

They are all guarded by the stationary (from the previous blog.)

Mario and Olivia have cleared the green streamed and are on their way to Scorching Sandpaper Desert.


One response to “Lost memories; a blog on what happened before part 1.”

  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Izzy this is so exciting. The way you’ve incorporated the stationary into this saga is brilliant. So imaginative!
    Mrs Addleton

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