Lost memories, part 1(a paper Mario story, requested by my sister)

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Fold the neck.

Fold the head.

Then pull the wings out.

Olly, the King of origami, sat atop his throne in peache’s castle, folding yet another crane. An orange crane sat on his lap, and he moved it to sit on the shelf, along with about twenty others. He grabbed another piece of paper and began to fold. “I cannot believe Olivia found this technique,” Olly said to himself, followed by an agressive ripping noise. Why was he thinking about his sister now?! Not only did it cause Olly to rip the paper, it also caused his mind to race over the memories of Olivia. He yawned and covered the side of his face politely. He’d been folding cranes non stop for the past hour, and didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because the paper macho soldiers kept whining about, “OLiViA eScApInG tHe BoUlDeR yOu DrOpPeD oN hEr!” (The paper macho solders talk like that) and stuff like that, until 4 in the morning.. So basically, he knew it wouldn’t hurt to fall asleep for just a little while.

Flashback ( a very long dream)                                                                                        Olly sat at his desk, working on origami. Well, sort of. He was actually asleep, and every time he exhaled a small moan that was almost silent could be heard. Olivia floated in. “Olly? Olly?? I want to show you something!” Olivia chirped, floating over to Olly’s desk and tapping his head. When that didn’t work, Olivia lifted up Olly’s long origami fringe, and tapped his now-exposed cheek, startling him awake. “Olivia, I have told you countless times not to touch my hair,” Olly said, batting Olivia’s hand away and letting his hair fall back down infront of his eye.

 Olivia’s expression deflated.  “Sorry, brother…” She apologised.

So, you wanted to show me something? And if it is a picture of a dog, I swear I will fold you into a cricket and leave you like that,” Olly warned.

“Ok, okay! It’s not a dog! But how can you not like dogs?? They are so cute and fluffy! I just wanted to show you a new origami technique I saw,” Olivia explained, grabbing a large book and shoving it in her brother’s face, “See??'”

“Alright, alright, let me see.” Olly studied the page further, becoming more and more interested. “The 1000 crane technique??!” 

“Yep! Anyone who has the patience to fold a thousand paper cranes will have a wish granted!” Olivia chirped.

Olly studied the page again, taking in this miraculous information. “Like, can you wish for anything?” He asked.

“I guess! Like, if you wanted a mountain of ice cream? Boom! It’s yours! The ability to breathe underwater? Flash! There you go! Or a puppy? Kaboom! Yours!” Olivia giggled. 

“Olivia, what would you wish for if you had 1000 cranes?” Olly asked.

“Hmm, that’s hard. Mabye 1000 more wishes?” Olivia shrugged.

“Olivia. You go through the trouble of folding 1000 cranes and you get ONE wish. So what would you wish for if you had one wish?” Olly asked.

“Hmm..a perfect kingdom, just you and me.” Olivia said with a smile.

When Olly finally found his voice, he said, “o-Olivia, I wasn’t expecting an answer like that.” 

“Why? Were you just expecting me to say a puppy? Although that would be good! Like this one!” Olivia grabbed a picture of a dog and showed it to Olly. 

“Olivia, I said if you showed me any dogs I’d turn you into a cricket.” Olly said, more mischief in his voice than maliciousness.

Olivia backed away slowly. “Uhhh.. You’ll have to catch me first!” Olly went round but Olly floated over and cornered her. 

“Eee! I don’t want to be a bug!!” Olivia squealed.

Olly grabbed Olivia and hugged her. Normally Olly would not part with such childish antics, nor would he give many hugs, but he was in a good mood. “My dear, sweet Olivia, I will make sure we get a perfect kingdom.”

Olly was awoken by that last line. Trying to forget about it, he grabbed another piece of paper and began to draw the perfect origami kingdom..

2 responses to “Lost memories, part 1(a paper Mario story, requested by my sister)”

  1. Izzy P says:

    Well actually, this is based on a game and no I can’t fold origami. And yeah she was made of paper because Olly folded her.

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Izzy! Love this, your writing has become so impressive and such creative ideas. Don’t tell me, you’re an origami expert as well as a ventriloquist! I wonder if Olivia was actually made of paper? Just 979 more cranes to make.
    How exciting that you got 2 comments from the 100wc team last week. Big congratulations to you!
    Keep typing,
    Mrs Addleton

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