An over exaggeration of when Elphaba meets Galinda/Glinda (Wicked)part 1

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…Madame Morrible took the girls’ hands. “I’m sure you two will get on fine.” Morrible announced, putting their hands on each other’s. As soon as their flesh touched, Miss Galinda jolted backwards in the feeling of the peach skin being touched by the emerald skin. “No! I simply cannot live with HER, Madame Morrible!!” Galinda complained. “No exceptions, Miss Galinda!” Morrible stated firmly, walking away.

When they arrived at room 22, Galinda began unpacking.. Dress after dress after dress. One by one by one. “Are you sure you really want to take all your things out like that? It will take a while, Miss Galinda.” Elphaba said. “Yes, and I definitely don’t want your dirty little hands touching my things!” Galinda screamed. “I am sure I have cleaned my hands, Miss Galinda. And I’m only trying to help.” Elphaba told Galinda.

Dr Dilamond stood outside the room door. Suddenly, he felt really ill. Not in general, but the thought of going in the room with the bickering girls made him feel uncomfortable… He was going to have to go and sort the girls out. But not right then. He’ll come back later and sort them out.

Elphaba started unpacking her things. A few dresses, not as bold as Miss Galinda’s, for sure. Frexpar Thropp would never let her wear those. Sweet Oz, she wouldn’t either! They were so…bold. Anyway, after she’d hung up all her things, began pulling out a stack of books. Then another. Then another!! Yes, she was addicted to reading. It was something she’d gotten used to after Frexpar never let her socialise with the online world. She’d liked that after a while. Elphaba didn’t know what the point of the internet was anyway. “Sweet Oz, Miss Elphaba! How do you even socialise with reading?!” Galinda said. “Well. Miss Galinda, I like reading. I don’t think that will disturb you?”Elphaba muttered, pushing her glasses up her face. “Do you even know what internet is, Miss Elphaba?!” Galinda shrieked. “Yes, Miss Galinda. I just don’t like or get the point of it.” Elphaba quipped.

“How in Oz do you not like the Internet?!” Galinda snapped, “Actually, I, Miss Galinda Arduenna Upland, are not talking to YOU anymore.” Galinda hissed. “Fine.” Elphaba quipped, turning on her lamp.

2 years later…

“Elphie?” Glinda asked, peering over at the green woman, who was sleeping soundly. It was April 12th, the day of Elphaba’s birthday. “Yes..” Elphaba had replied groggily, shifting to the other side of her bed. “Happy..Birthday..!” Glinda muttered with some form of enthusiasm. “Thanks.” Elphaba said, walking to the wardrobe. After the girls had both gotten ready, Glinda had smiled enthusiastically, “Happy birthday!!” Glinda smiled. “You’ve said that twice.” Elphaba smiled. “Elphaba Melena Thropp, don’t you realise that anything I say before the ten minutes after I’ve come out of the shower don’t count?!” Glinda joked. “Oh, I definitely forgot.” Elphaba replied sarcastically. “You didn’t forget!” Glinda laughed.



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  1. Izzy P says:

    Yes I am in yr 6 now.

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Izzy, just signed on to the blog – it’s very late on Sunday night because I’ve been putting up my Xmas decorations so I haven’t got time to read ALL of it now! I’ll look forward to reading it with a cuppa and a doughnut after school tomorrow.
    Hope you are well – are you in year 6 now?
    Mrs Addleton

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