first day of school

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I carefully got out of my beautiful clean bed and woke up my kind caring parents that it is my first day of school . my mum was at work so it was my nan and dad looking after me and my brothers . my caring dad said you are so excited for school I said yes I am because I get to meet my friends and my now teacher . so I got ready for school and left my warm house 5 minutes later I arrived school it  was getting a little bit scary  now  but I did not want to tell my dad. so I went into my classroom and I saw my best friend  I was a little bit happer now and i was settling in well . It was the end of school i did not want to leave but i did .




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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello hello hello Alayla and a big welcome back to blogging! I really miss you. I love the way you’ve tried to express how you were feeling in this post. I wonder if you could use some inverted commas for the direct speech? Hope you post this week!
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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