The Space Tree Chapter 2 (The Tree)

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Mazie went over to see what was there, “That thing looks so weird?!” said Mazie quietly “What if it took the cherry blossom trees blossoms?!!” she thought in her head.”I have to get closer.” the weird thing was a tree that had a green trunk, blue leaves and pink fruit! “Is that a space tree!?” she said while looking at it like it was some kind of mutated alien!!!!!! “I need to tell my mum about this space tree thing.”she got out her phone with a pink cat case on it and called her mum”MUM THERES A WEIRD SPACE TREE THING COME HERE QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Mazie’s mum repyed with”Okay I’m coming deer!”10 minutes later her mum was there and said”Oh wow that’s a weird looking tree?!”and then Mazie said “I told you there’s a alien tree.” 

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello again Amy,
    Great to find the second part to your story. A blue leaved tree is very unusual – I wonder if you could use some similes or metaphors to help me picture this strange plant. For example were the fruits candy floss pink or a deep pink like a lovers rose? Could the leaves be described as blue tissues fluttering in the breeze or blue hands desperately trying to grab blossom where they can find it. I hope Mazie and her mum are going to find out where this strange tree came from, what it wants and why.
    2 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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