Goodbye Poppie

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Dear Poppie,

This blog is a BIG SHOUT OUT to YOU!  You have been the most dedicated Wildground blogger imaginable.  Poppie, you have written hundreds of blogs, received comments from people around the world and helped countless other Wildground bloggers get their ideas into writing.  What will we do without our talking thesaurus?
I am sorry we did not get a chance to say goodbye but you know how much the blogging community will miss you at playtimes.  I will definitely miss settling down to your whimsical reads on a Friday evening.  However, we won’t delete your account so feel free to comment or even post to let us know how secondary school is going.
Best of luck,

Mrs Addleton

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  1. Poppie Yr7 now says:

    Thank you so much Mrs Addleton. And don’t worry I will still keep on posting more blogs and I’m in the process of making one at the moment. So you won’t miss me at all and I might become a blogging TA. Don’t you think?

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