Box Racoon Chair Sky Leaf 100 wc

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I know it’s been awhile and this is a prompt from a couple weeks ago. The thing is I don’t really care.

There was a little girl named Sky. She was a very shy around people at school. She felt like everyone was making fun of her and she basically put herself in a boxWhen she was at home the only thing she would do is draw and she loved doing that all she used to sketch were raccoons even though they’re  garbage critters doesn’t mean that they could be her favourite animal.

Sky always drew on her favourite chair it was from the 1920’s. It was so comfy to sit on, she thought it made her think a lot more to write. She loved anything to do with English and descriptive writing. So you could call a book worm but in a good way :). Guess what her her favourite season is… Autumn, her favourite part about it was trampling on the leaves to hear the delightful crunch ponder other ears. One time Sky went to the woods with her mum, she sawlogs and lots of wood dens. She went to one of them, her mum didn’t notice that she had went usually she would say ” I’m just going to a den ” but this time she didn’t.

As her mum didn’t know that she had wondered off somewhere she just carried on with the walk through the forest. Sky had noticed that her mum was long gone, she felt abandoned. Sweat poured, heart pounded, she didn’t know what to do…


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    Hi Poppie, I will comment later as we are going out but, hey, fantastic to hear from you!
    Mrs Addleton

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