Strange creature

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My pet is very strange , when I work up my pet was growing horns . Then  my pet was growing fangs it was so scary because I thought that she was going to eat me. So I went back up to my beautiful safe room and waited for 1unhelpful minute. But when I went out of my room my pet was not there  I wondered were my scary mysterious pet went. And I went out side to see the great beautiful flowers and my  black dark pet was eating my beautiful colourful . I had no idea what to do because my pet was so scary . Then I called the animal controllers and they  helped me to get my pet away from me


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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Alayla, it’s so exciting to read your posts and although I miss seeing you at school your blogs make up for it because I can hear and imagine you reading it out! I love the way you don’t reveal what your pet was to start with – could it have been a fish? Remember, try not to start sentences with ‘but’. I can just hear you saying ‘1 unhelpful minute’, a very Alayla type thing to say, so that was my favourite bit!
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    From Mrs Addleton

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