The Dark Spirit Nyx

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Elsa ran to her room, Slamming the door behind her. “Elsa, what’s up?” Anna asked. “The dark spirit Nyx.. I Think she’s back to haunt Arendelle again!” Elsa said, trying not to sound to worried. The Nyx is a very dangerous spirit that haunts people’s dreams, Especially Arendelle. Anna ran and got the letter from the Arendellian shipwreck from her bedroom drawer. ” This is Noltholdran language, right? Mabye we could go to the forest and ask Yelena to decode it for us! It may have something to do with the Nyx, as well!” Anna exclaimed. “Yep. this letter is Noltholdran language. it says…” kill the Nyx once and it comes back. Kill the nyx twice and it comes back. Kill it three times and it’s gone for a year. Kill it four times and it’s dead for good. After the month it rises out of it’s grave… Kill the Nyx five times and it attacks back strong. So be careful of how many times you kill this Nyx. Especially you, fifth spirit. Your ice powers may be to weak. Or they may be strong enough. But I dont expect they are.Don’t say I didn’t warn you…” Yelana read. It was strange. The letter knew about Elsa! “W-What The N-Nyx knows about me? ” Elsa stammered. The next day Elsa went out and got the spirits and went off to find the Nyx. She took a deep breath and gave Anna a hug. “See you in a few hours,sis.” She said, trying not to cry. Elsa shed a tear. “This is going to be fine, Elsa. There’s no reason to cry. It’s only for a few hours and you have the spirits to protect you.” Anna said in a supportive tone.The Nokk gave a disaproving Neigh. “Well, here goes nothing! This is for you, Arendelle.”Elsa said worriedly. “Well, look who’s come back to try and beat me. No one has ever killed me, well at least you, for good. So you may as well go home and do your babyish Queen jobs.”The Nyx said bravely. After five hours, the Nyx was finally dead and Elsa had promised the spirits a trip to the Arendellian ice cream shop on the weekend. “Elsa, Is he dead for good now?”Anna exclaimed, excitedly hugging her sister. “Yep. For good. No more dark spirit in our lives again. Only if there’s another one out there, which there isn’t.”Elsa Exclaimed. Honey-Maren and Yelana ran into the room. “We kind of overheard your conversation, And we are so proud of you. Wanna go Shopping on Sunday?” Honey-Maren asked. “Sure. I’m taking Bruni, Nokk, The Earth Giants and Gale to the Arendellian ice cream shop on Saturday, then. I promised them I’d do it as a reward for all their hard work they did to help me kill Nyx. He’s gone for good, never to be seen again, I hope.”Elsa said. They went to the ice cream shop and guess what happened! Everyone was staring at Elsa,whispering to each other and giving Elsa weird looks. Elsa just ignored them, as a Noltholdran would. Finally, somebody came over and asked what she was doing. “I am really sorry if i’m disturbing you. I’m Elsa, The  Fifth spirit from the Enchanted Forest of the Noltholdrans, if you must know.” Elsa said, Realising a wave of confusion washing over the Arendellians. “Ok?” She said, walking away. “Lets go home now, spirits.” “To the forest.” Elsa reassured them. She rode Nokk back to the forest and there was a ‘party’ for Elsa because she killed the Nyx and it wasn’t in their lives again, never to be seen again. Well, at least not until she comes back again…

The End?


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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    An absolute epic blog Izzy! You have included lots of direct speech in this which made it so much easier and enjoyable to read as well as all the different adverbs and alternatives to said that you used.
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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