The Day after Her Birthday(guess who…)

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The day after her birthday she decided to go On a walk around Arendelle and Although it was Saturday, all the shops were closed!! She went to the forest to see The Noltholdrans and the spirits and ask them. they didn’t know so went to Olaf and he said that it’s Sunday so he went and said to all the people in Arendelle that it was Sunday so the closed the shops.Elsa got SOOO mad!! she ran off in a strop and then Anna ran after her. She ran to go and talk to the maid about Elsa and she said that she didn’t want to see anyone, not even you. So you can try, but I doubt that it’ll work. She went to the bedroom and knocked on the door. She said, “Elsa, it’s me, Anna. Can I come in?” “I guess…” Elsa said sadly. Apparently Elsa got really mad, lost her temper and couldn’t control herself. Anna sugessted that she lets the maid in. She agreed but then Anna realised that Elsa was wearing her mothers blanket. Their parents ship had gone down on the southern seas seven years ago. Anna asked why she had the blanket on and she said that she was just cold but Anna didn’t believe her. Elsa had a conversation with the maid and talked about why she got angry. The maid said she understood. When she got to Olaf he apologised and Elsa forgave him so the all had a game of charades. She went to the cave of Ahtohallan and the spirits said that they also understood why the ice spirit (Elsa) got mad.

The end!















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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Izzy, another epic blog! Well done. I’m starting to get a feel for the characters now.

    I sometimes get a bit confused who’s talking to who so maybe direct speech using inverted commas would help or breaking it up into paragraphs.

    Well done for getting that tricky prompt in about everywhere being shut.

    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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