The horse race

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Once there was a horse race going on the field and I was on a horse joined in the race my name was Sophie and my horse is called Rosie and I hopped that I would win the race and I was so excited and my horse was as well. It started in an hour so we had time to eat and drink and get ready for the race. And I went into town and it was Saturday and nothing was open.  I’m finally ready to start and we have to race around a big circle and who gets to the finish line that person wins the race


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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Big congratulations to you Sophie, this is your first published piece! This was an unusual use of the prompt – we have never had a blog about a horse race before. It is hard to write a blog when you are stopping and starting at playtimes but make sure you read it all through before you publish – check for things like sentence length. Remember that doubling a consonant creates a short vowel sound so hopped is hopping on one leg and hoped is when you wish for something. I hope you won the race! I’ll be interested to hear if you’ve ridden a horse yourself in real life.
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    Mrs Addleton

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