The run away horses

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Once upon time there was a girl who cut the rope of the merry go round when she saw it she thought that the horses were alive .

Hesitating, but on she went. She thought that the horse she had cut free was her mum and all  the others were  her friends. One of them was called Phoebe, the most beautiful horse, the others,well she didn’t want to say their names  so she ran after them and said  “COME BACK HERE”  but they didn’t except for one;  it was Amy the other friend of hers who turned in to a horse,  and I should know because I was the girl  who cut the rope  and my name is BETHANY.

2 responses to “The run away horses”

  1. teacher says:

    What a lovely imaginative story. Do you think your friends would like to be horses?

    • Naomi Addleton says:

      Congratulations on publishing your first blog which will be read by people all over the world perhaps including those children who you left commments for in Australia! I wonder where the horse friends will go now that they have been set free? Thankyou for being patient while we update the settings that will enable you to read all the wonderful comments that have been sent to you.

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