how did the Trojan horses escape!

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I was on one of the Trojan horses at the fair. I was enjoying myself and having fun when suddenly I saw a knight.  He cut the metal like it was just  rope and my horse started galloping away! Am I going to see my mum and dad again . Do you know where the horse is going?  The rope looked like snakes I was scared. I wonder if I will ever see my mum or dad again I miss them so much I wonder if my horse is taking me to Spain because it fells like its getting hotter I’m in Spain there’s the sign. Goodness it must be 38 c the end !



2 responses to “how did the Trojan horses escape!”

  1. teacher says:

    This sounds so exciting! What a fabulous way to get to other countries, I wish it could be true.
    Mrs Bowden

    • Naomi Addleton says:

      I loved the part where you compared the severed metal ropes to snakes Cameron. I think I would feel scared but at the same time excited if that happened to me as well! You worked hard on your first ever blog. Thank you for being patient while we sort out the blogs settings that will enable you to see all the wonderful comments that people have been leaving for you from around the world.

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