The one and only yellow bike…….

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There once was a lovely yet beautiful girl named Layla she rode her bike all the way to her friend’s house, she loved her friend’s house.

Layla was riding to Charlotte’s house. Charlotte was picking Daria up from her house but Layla wanted to ride her bike to Daria’s house.So Charlotte went to Daria’s house in the car, and Layla went to Daria’s house on her bright yellow bike.

The reason why they were all joining up together is because they were going to Freya’s party.Charlotte arrived at Freya’s party with Daria right on time but Layla was very very late….

Layla had crashed her bright yellow bike on a big palm tree! lot.  Related imageLayla was fine but her bike wasn’t but it got fixed and is now as beautiful as it was when she first saw it!

3 responses to “The one and only yellow bike…….”

  1. freya says:

    thank you very much i appreciate it

  2. Charlotte G says:

    Freya i love your story because it has me layla daria and you in it it is exciting and wonderful

  3. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Freya, how clever of you to find a picture of a beautiful yellow bike and incorporate this into your blog. This was a quirky little story and a great idea for this weeks prompt. I admit that I got a bit confused about whose house Layla was actually cycling to. I was enjoying the last paragraph and felt the ending came a bit too soon. Perhaps the sentence that has the word ‘but’ in it twice could be broken up to explain how the bike got fixed so quickly. I hope the party was worth all the logistical planning the girls had made to get there in time!
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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