TROJAN Horses power housing throw the fairground

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Trojan horses riding happily on the merry-go-round when suddenly their minds went completely bonkers when their ancestors telepathically communicated across time. Their  anxiety  burst into anger their power severed like it was a piece of string, and its friend was in pane because its hoof got tangled in the bars. despite the pane the Trojan horse galloped on towards the city of Troy. When he got there the city of Troy has been smashed down, what’s left is about 3 foot of wattle and daub. both of the Trojan horses were gutted that there was nothing left so they made a mew life in the city of TROY. THE END



3 responses to “TROJAN Horses power housing throw the fairground”

  1. teacher says:

    What a powerful piece of writing. You have used some lovely words, I would have liked to have read even more.
    Mrs Bowden

    • Naomi Addleton says:

      I agree, Keano’s effort to choose excellent vocabulary for his first blog to the world really made his piece exciting to read.

      • Naomi Addleton says:

        Keano, thankyou for being so patient while we sort out the settings on the school blog that will enable you to see all the wonderful comments that people have been leaving about your blog.

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