Daria Layla and ME!

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Hi im Freya and my life is pretty crazy but i have my 2 best friends Layla and Daria. They help me through everything i have to go through.Layla is my best best best friend and Daria is my best friend.

Whenever I sing Layla always says her mind is blown and she makes me feel more confident when i sing infront of her.

Layla is my bestest friend. EVER!Other than Charlotte.Layla is always lovely but can be annoying when she wants to be. Most of the times she says i sing like one of my other friends that thinks she can sing but she really cant.I hope thats a joke Layla!

Daria is nice but can be annoying when she wants to be, which is not often. Daria is a nice girl and I’m glad to have her as friend as well as Layla ( and Charlotte)!







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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Some nice comments about your friends here but try using the 100wc prompt if you want a wider audience than just the Wildground community.
    Mrs Addleton

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