… “No,” he said, “I like marmite.”…

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One day, I asked Mum for toast.  She answered “OK Charlie, what would you like on it?”

I replied, “Please may I have chocolate spread?” 

Mum laughed “OK.”  Mum went into the kitchen but got distracted.  She served up the toast.  Charlie took a bite and spat it out  “Yuck there is marmite on this toast.” 

Charlie sneakily gave the toast to his sister, Olivia.  Olivia took a bite and then gobbled up the rest!  Charlie exclaimed “How can you eat that?  It’s horrid?” 

Olivia replied “no,” she said I like marmite.” 


3 responses to “… “No,” he said, “I like marmite.”…”

  1. Sandrine says:

    I liked how you brought your story together and had a sneaky moment in it too! Well done!

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    I have entered your blog on to this weeks 100 word challenge web site so that people all over the world can read it and perhaps send you a comment! Here are the instructions if you or or family and friends want to see it.

    1) Visit http://www.100wc.net

    2) Next, scroll down to this weeks prompt and click on the blue writing that says ‘click here to continue reading.’ This will bring up a huge list of everyone who has entered across the world this week. They have all written about the same prompt as you!

    3) Find the column that says school. There will be two little grey arrows next to the word school. Click on the little arrows so that there is only one arrow pointing down. This will put all the schools who have entered into alphabetical order. Because Wildground starts with a ‘w’, your blog will be near the bottom of the list. Scroll all the way down until you find your blog.

    Now why don’t you read a blog written by another child somewhere in the world and leave them a surprise comment? Here are the instructions:

    1). Follow steps 1 and 2 above.
    2) Choose a child from the list and click on the their link to open their blog.
    3) Enjoy reading their blog.
    4) Leave a comment for them. Make sure you put 2 or 3 things you like about it and 1 thing that might help them improve it.

    Have fun and I hope you get lots of comments!
    Mrs Addleton

  3. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Olivia
    Congratulations on publishing your first blog! Although you had a bit of help with this one, it was good to see you thinking of different words for said. You also tried hard to build interesting sentences and use inverted commas like we did in class.
    Can’t wait to see more posted from you,
    2 House Points
    Mrs Addleton

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