The fun day out

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but where did it go she shouted ?  she lost my toy dog she came round my house I gave her my toy to  play with because she lost her she was sad we went to the park she took it on the swing  and then went on the slide then we went home and went to the toilet and had a drink and then went for ice cream  i had mint choclate  ice cream and my friend had strawberry ice cream it was very nice  we went home after that and we played with my dolls we both wanted to have a sleep over  but then my friends mum came to pick her up we begged my friends mum so my friend could have a sleep over and she said yes it was very fun having a sleep over that’s why you should have one







2 responses to “The fun day out”

  1. Poppie says:

    Grace you need CAPITAL LETTERS! Capital letters are key when you’re writing blogs but good description but please put more words next time you write a blog.
    1 HP just joking I can’t give you house points…
    Poppie B

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Grace,
    Congratulations on publishing your first blog!

    It sounds like the friends in the story had such a wonderful day together that they were no longer upset about the lost toy. You could definitely improve your next blog by making sure you use some full stops to break it up into sentences. I hope that, after all that ice-cream, those girls didn’t have a midnight feast of sweets as well.

    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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