The 2 Musketeers.

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In 1866, there were these 2 men roaming around the land looking for something mysterious. But they couldn’t what they were looking for . Were they seeking glory, were they seeking fame or were they seeking mischief… 

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Poppie, well done on publishing your first blog this year. You’ve been observant to notice the men are dressed in old fashioned clothes and they do look like they are collaborating on something. I think you could improve your blog by omitting the word ‘these’ in the opening line to make your writing sound a little more formal, especially now that you are in year 6. Can you notice what type of punctuation is missing from your last line?
    It was a bit quiet at blogging this week – perhaps you could spread the word!
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    Mrs Addleton

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