salt brown greasy melted giraffe

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There was a girl that had a brown ice cream (chocolate ice cream) and her ice cream melted straight away. The next day she had some very salty chips and a hot dog which was greasy to go with her very salty chips. She also went to the zoo that day and she kept saying ” GIRAFFE, I WANT TO SEE GIRAFFE NOW! “So then her mum took her giraffe enclosure and she said ” I want the giraffe NOW! ” ” no we can’t have the giraffe because the giraffe isn’t for sale, sweetie.” “please I want the giraffe I just want it. ” So then her mum told her again and said if she doesn’t stop asking she would have no toys for the rest of the night. And that is the end of story time with

Poppie and see you dudes in the Storytime.


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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Poppie, The girl in your story does not sound very pleasant! You have used some brilliant punctuation in your blog and kept the story moving along using speech. I wonder if you could think of a better word than ‘said’ to improve your writing?
    2 HP
    Mrs Addleton

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