The Demanding Birthday Girl!

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I had an old friend, who wanted everything to go her way.

So last month it was her birthday, and she kept talking about wanting a purple care bear ….. So we thought it would be best to buy one straight away.

Me and my bestie went to Toys R Us. Umm .. so basically there were care bears but they just did not have a purple one…. So we bought the lightest colour and some purple paint it purple.

The paint didn’t work on the bear so we arrived at the party with the yellow bear, but she said, “YOU RUINED EVERYTHING, IT’S THE WRONG COLOUR!”
So our other sort friend came and gave the demanding girl a red bear, and guess what she said? “IT’S SOOOO PERFECT LIKE OH MY DAYS, YOUR THE BESTEST BFF EVER!!” We were so annoyed.

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Amelia,
    I didn’t know Care Bears were still popular – they came out when I was a child! Try not to start your sentences with ‘so’ because it will make you’re writing better. I think I would have preferred a purple one!
    2 HP
    Mrs Addleton

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