Evacuation Day

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I heard an explosion. I woke up in horror. My heart beating like a drum. I heard the sirens wail; like a baby crying. Rubble covered the floor like a blanket of stone. People were rushing to their air raid shelters, in a filed order. Smoke surrounded the streets like guards.


Mother said we were going on holiday. Why did we have to go to school if we were going on holiday, if we are all going  why is mother not coming? She wrapped me up warm and gave me my sandwiches-corned beef my fav ! It was so tempting to eat my sandwiches right away.

With a hug and a kiss she placed me on board the train. I wish she wouldn’t cry like that, I hate seeing her cry like that. Since dad and my brother went to war all she does is cry.

I waved her goodbye as the train set off, I wondered where my class mates and I were going.

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