fringe, eggs, black, washed and flickering

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One day there lived a girl who loved wearing black fringe jumpers and she was kept in a tower because she was naughty girl when she was a toddler. And now she is a good girl trying to behave a lot better when she was a toddler and tries to get out of the horrible tower. Guess who locked her up in this ghastly mess a person who hates her ( Mildred Hufflepuff ) her mother which punished her for eternity. And her mother doesn’t give her any food except bread and water with some butter in. In the bread roll she gets eggs in as well, poor thing. And she gets washed in dirty bath water every day. Don’t you feel sorry for her. And her night light is a candle that flickers all night then she blows it out in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed story time with……………………………………..Poppie. And see you next time on story time with Poppie. see ya later!

2 responses to “fringe, eggs, black, washed and flickering”

  1. Terry Team 100WC England says:

    Hi Poppy, I do hope this story is not about you or a friend! it was easy to sympathise with the character and to not like Mildred Hufflepuff at all. Reading your story a few times might help sort it’s structure a bit but I like the idea very much. You have done a good job in using all the prompt words, well done!

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Poppie, this was a tricky set of words to incorporate into a story so well done for thinking of some good ideas for the words. Make sure you read your blogs out loud and check the tense is the same all the way through; you started in past tense and ended in the present. I feel sorry for her Poppy – not even a cheeky toddler deserves to be locked in a tower. Hopefully a gallant person will come to her rescue!
    3 HP
    Mrs Addleton

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