To Mrs Addleton

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The house of Magic is about a cat that gets thrown away from its family and doesn’t know why? He arrives at a house that everyone is afraid of because of the crazy old man that lives there.The poor cat had never heard of this manic place but he went inside anyway then to greet him there was a rabbit and a mouse very mean yes and the mouse was called Maggie and the rabbit was named Carlo they were best friends best bully friends!

Then the cat went into the house and a big tall shrivelled up man that was called Monty and he was very nice to the cat and Monty even named the cat as it was thundering outside he called him Thunder and he looked after him forever more! THE END!

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Not sure what happened to my last comment – my computer froze! Was trying to suggest using some punctuation to break up some of those longer sentences. I hope the cat was well cared for; protected against those bullies by Monty?.
    Mrs Addleton

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Oh I thought it was a flavour of sweet but this sounds like the setting for an interesting tale. Watch out for places you could use full stops Freya to break y

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