the missing chocolate cake

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one day it was a little girls birthday who was opening her cards and presents she loved her massive beanbag.She loved  her little bed tent.She couldn’t wait until she got to see her birthday cake but a sudden fear came across her,her cake could of magically grown legs  so she went to see if  the cake was gone…BUT SHE LOOKED EVERY WHERE AND HER CAKE WAS she went to the shops to look for the cake then she sadly walked home and cried until her mum called ”dinner” and she ran down the stairs and ate chicken chow-mane and enjoyed her day which was probably the joint best day of her life (joint best because of Christmas) and when she finished she teleported  and everyone said ”but how could she just disappear?

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Peyton,
    Had she gone to cake land? I liked this funny little story and it was brilliant to see you using punctuation that you weren’t including in your blogs last year. I hope she makes it back in time for her next birthday!
    3 HP
    Mrs Addleton

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