The weird light bulb .

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One day in a gloomy abandoned cabin the Woods family walked through the door to see if their was any shelter they can use . So they knocked on the door but no one answered so they walked in . Nobody was their so they walked in and sat on a big scruffy sofa in the middle of the large room … They looked and realised it was very dark so they walked to the front door and switched on a switch … Nothing happened … So they switched it on again … A massive light shone from the ceiling … The eldest in their family looked up to see if it was a light bulb … But he got blinded by the bright light … That’s why you never look straight into a light .

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Amelia, I like the setting for your blog; the scruffy sofa adds to the slightly spooky atmosphere in the disused shed. I think you could improve this blog by avoiding using the word ‘so’ as many times and remember to use prompts like this exactly as they are given, in this case, ‘the light blinded him’. I wonder what happened to the rest of this family and if this light was something supernatural or not?
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    Mrs Addleton

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