The light bulb

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In a dusty,gloomy woods lived a old witch.No lights, no windows, just a shed !                        she didn’t like any thing that normal people have, she wasn’t exactly normal …

another day …

a girl from across the city went for a ‘nice’ stroll in the woods …

suddenly, she came across the witches hut …

she found part of a light bulb on the floor , she walked in the shed and thought it was very bare  to her eyes it was pitch black, she remembered she hd the light bulb, so she took it out of her bag and found the cord and there ,finished.

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Your blog started really well and built up lots of suspense and mystery which got me quite excited to find out what she would do with the light bulb; perhaps it had magical powers? I think you could improve this blog by changing the ending because it was a bit flat. Don’t forget that you have to use the prompt exactly as it is given which this time was ‘the light blinded him.’
    2 HP
    Mrs Addleton

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