The boy in the woods: Part 2…(hopefully)

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Get ready for another terrific tale from WilliamS (I hope the last one was not that bad by the way and, if it was, sorry😁)

The man stared at William, a supprised look about his face. The man tried to get him, who knows what for?, but each time William always escaped him. Whilst William was embracing another attack, the man lit the explosives. “Uh oh” William said rushing to the nearest shelter suitable for an explosion. “3 2 1,” the man said not bothering to find a shelter. ‘BOOM!!!’ the light blinded him (William) but somehow the man survived…

3 responses to “The boy in the woods: Part 2…(hopefully)”

  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Ooh how exciting – I wonder why this being is predating poor William? I noticed that you used the word man and William quite a few times; perhaps you could think of some other words to use instead? I am looking forward to finding out what happens in the next part.

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