The new year ‘dong’ at big ben.

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Happy new year!!!

I ran down the stairs and packed up my stuff, ready for going to London. “Happy new year,” I shouted. In the next half an hour we had all packed up our things and started loading the car. Dad dropped some luggage and then fell over and sat on it 😆. In an hour or so we arrived at London. We drove all the way up to big ben “wowsers” I said, the light blinded him (my brother). Just then it happened, big ben chimed new years day.

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Did you really go to London to see the Big Ben fireworks William? It was an amazing display wasn’t it? I watched it on the TV but the colours looked a bit strange because I was wearing my new ‘blue light blocking’ glasses which have a strange orange tint!
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    Mrs Addleton

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