My christmas. Ahhh it was amazin’

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So this is my Christmas. My Christmas was the best. Just to tell you guys, I technically  had 3 Christmas’ and if your saying ”How did you have 3 Christmas’ ” well I’ll tell you why. This was My first ”Christmas” and this was at my Mum’s ( if you think my Mum and Dad live together. They don’t.) And this was my second ” Christmas ” and it was with my Dad so I got a morph board and it was epic. Then this was my third ” Christmas ” I went round my nans house and guess what I got a gold hoverboard and that was out of the milky way (the milky way is are galaxy and a galaxy is where all of the planets are in it including us earth) and that is my Christmas(s). So I’ll see you next time on story time with………..Poppie, so byeeeeeeeeee.

2 responses to “My christmas. Ahhh it was amazin’”

  1. WilliamS says:

    I had five Christmas’s

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Poppie,
    Lovely to see a Christmas blog from you over the holidays. I had a lovely time with my children and family thank you. Happy New Year to you. Unfortunately you don’t have the correct level of authorisation to add photographs. I love the sound of your hover board; my son got one but I found it a bit wobbly!
    Mrs Addleton

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