My strangest Christmas decorations!

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That image that you see in front of you, (no, not that picture of your cuddly ginger tom, you idiot! its the weird one with an eye and a bauble, dummy!) it could just look like your daily random piece of art (?), but, to me, it is actually my latest -and possibly greatest- Christmas decorations! The only reason I made them is because, well, I don’t even know why, ummmm (quick, think, think, THINK!!!!!) oh, I got an idea! I made these so that I could get away with making a 100wc about them! Uhhh, wait, did I just write that down? Uhoh, I didn’t write that down… I SWEAR!!!

2 responses to “My strangest Christmas decorations!”

  1. Ethan B says:

    heh, im just going to comment on my own post now, lol

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    You were right – this was a bizarre collection of items put together in a weird piece of festively themed art and your blog was equally as strange!
    Merry Christmas Ethan,
    2 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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