The fun day out!

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Today the temple family got into the car and drove to the gym at 8.00 am to do are marathon training. When they got there they forget their water so they drove back.The temple family finally arrived at the gym with all their equipment. But they were exhausted so they just sat at a table in the gym cafe and watched people play tennis in the inside court. At 10.00 am they drove back home …  It was now 2.00 pm and the little girl had a party to get so she lazily got in the car . She got there at 2.45 . Because she was exhausted she spilt her drink all over her best friend new computer!

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Amelia, I loved this blog; it reminded me of my own family who are always forgetting their water bottles and how exhaustion suddenly strikes when you see the cosy, comfy lounge at the gym! You made great use of the prompt this week. Don’t forget that family names need capital letters and the past tense of forget is forgot.
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    Mrs Addleton

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