We are on tv!

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I woke up with the noise of my phone beeping. It was from a tv company saying; turn the tv on and watch the first commercial! So I quickly rushed to my tv and pressed the on button and I could not believe my eyes… I was on the new iPhone Z commercial…It was amazing ! I looked on facebook and everyone had put brilliant comments about me , I was beginning to become famous,the commercial went viral in only 2 minutes flat ,shows how much they love the iPhones.¬† Later that day I got a call from¬† Ellen from the Ellen show saying she would love me to be on her show!! This is my chance to become a celeb! So I agreed to it ! I drove down to the studio right away! I went as one person and came out another!

2 responses to “We are on tv!”

  1. ciara says:

    Well done on your 100WC. Do you secretly want to be a celebrity? Is that why the prompt made you write about being suddenly famous? I always think it must be awful to have everyone following your every move… Maybe when you become famous you can tell me what it is really like?
    Keep up the good work!

    Ciara (Team100)
    Wicklow, Ireland

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello girls, I loved the start of your blog and you had a brilliant way of incorporating the idea of the prompt. Next time the prompt is a bit of a sentence, remember that you have to use it exactly as it is given; in this case ‘we seemed to be on the television’. I am intrigued by the last line that you came out a different person!
    3 house points each
    Mrs Addleton

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