They seemed to be on TV…..‍

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So there was a group of children practising for a talent show[ a TV show on the television]. And the show was called ‘Try and get your own TV programme’ and do you think they won it…………………………………………………well drum-roll please and here are the results…. and they did win it did you think they won. Give your thought in the comments when this is done. Carrying on with the blog and then they actually got a big ol’ trophy it was gold on the outside and the silver was on the inside,it was beautiful. So that is the end of this story see you next time on telling stories with pops.

2 responses to “They seemed to be on TV…..‍”

  1. Miss T says:

    Hi Poppie
    I agree with Mrs Addleton that you don’t need to use ‘So’ to start your sentence. I liked the idea of winning a talent show, it made me wonder what their talent was. You had lots of great ideas here and I wonder if it may have been better if you had just focused on the talent show and winning the television programme as that was such a clever way of using the prompt.
    Miss T team 100wc

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Poppie,
    Another entertaining story from you and a good idea for using this very tricky prompt. Remember that when we are given a bit of a sentence we have to use it exactly as the 100wc team give it; this week it was ‘we seemed to be on the television’. I think you could improve the blog by thinking of another way to start, rather than using the word ‘so’.
    2 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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