Goodness!There has been a bit of a disaster in the woods by the looks of it.

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Here’s a story when a boy went to the forest. When he went so deep he found a weird tree that had a bike moulded in the tree. It looked very mysterious. So he was huddling with his best mates at school, so they were hanging out in the woods, so they were saying to each other ” should we try and get that bike out of the tree or not”. ”Ummm….yeah definitely we should”. ”I think we shouldn’t ,because are we damaging property”. ” Yeah I definitely agree with Timmy[the one who said yes].So boys do you agree with Timmy ”YEAH”. Then all of them went home and got Jimmy[the leader of his group] dad’s axe and got back to the deepest bit of the woods. So now they’re trying to get the bike out of the tree. And now showing the bike is not out because an adult caught them red handed in the forest so they couldn’t do it.Who was it?…… .So that is the story done and all I got to say is. THE END…

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