I wondered what was behind the door… It was a PROJECT ZORGO mask!!!

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One day, I was watching television when I saw a mask that I recognised. It was a Project Zorgo mask hiding behind the door! I screamed with fright as he walked nearer and nearer to me. He came near to the telly, past it. Next he walked to the sofa. I then saw something else. I wondered what was behind the door.It wad very scary. I screamed again ,Again and then again he spoke in this mummery type of way. It was a BIG surprise to see Kawaii kunicorn at the door smiling at me happily as she said,” Quick! Lets get out of here”! she said as she tried to pull me out of the dreaded Project Zorgo (YouTube hacker group) mystery which was scarier than usual.I always scream about things but  today i nearly fainted because Kawaii kunicorn said i was her one and only daughter, Isolde parker,

6 responses to “I wondered what was behind the door… It was a PROJECT ZORGO mask!!!”

  1. Susan J says:

    Hello Izzy,
    Well done. I can see your story theme really interests you and it is always a good idea to write about what you know or use your own interests when you can. Perhaps you could build up the tension by showing how he moved nearer.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Henry says:

    Hi Izzy this is great.
    P.S. you done fab. from henry.

  3. Izzy P says:

    Sorry, but she is not a horse

  4. Izzy P says:

    Thanks miss addleton

  5. Calleigh H says:

    HI Izzy I like your long blog.

  6. Mrs Addleton says:

    Goodness Izzy, there is such a lot going on in your blog which you published in super quick time! I noticed that you have carried on your unicorn theme from last week but I wonder if you could use a different word than ‘said’ when you introduced Kawaii talking? Perhaps she whinnied like a horse?
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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