killer clown !!!!!!!!!!

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I wondered what was behind the door and  it was a killer clown but it is a very  good one but it was following  me. I wondered what was behind the door and it was my mum and she was  ill so I would not go near hear  at all. I wondered what wales behind the door and it is my dog and my dogs name is Tinkerbelle she is special to me I will nether  leave hear she is so good for me. When I give  her a dog treat  she go into her bed and go to sleep for me.

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    It was lovely to see you back blogging this Golden Time – it seems a long time ago since the prompt about the door. It is important to make sure you read you blog aloud to make sure it makes sense before publishing. I’m glad everything behind your door was friendly, especially your dog who sounds very loving and obedient.
    Mrs Addleton

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