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I asked my mum “can I make slime?”  she replied  “No.”  I shouted ” why?”  “Because I said so to not make slime because it will get stuck in the floor and it  will not came out.  because I said so to not make cakes because it is messy and dirty . because I said so  to not  looked in the bin because it is disgusting. because I said so to not go in your  bedroom because I have clean your bedroom. because I said so to not paly out side because it is raining and you will get  wet . because I said so to not make sandwiches because they is no stuff  to make them.  I asked can I read a book no my said and I said why and she said because I said so and I cried why. my brother asked can I play with some play-dough and I said no and he  said now and I said .

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  1. Calleigh H says:

    You have don a good job

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Congratulations Alayla on publishing your first ever blog! You worked really hard to publish this and it was worth the wait. I loved all the reasons that your mum says ‘because I said so’. I am really looking forward to reading more blogs from you.
    2 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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