The baby unicorn

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“Mum can i go out and look for goo berries to give to the trick or treaters ?” Asked Rainbow the baby unicorn. “No because its dark outside”Said her mother.”But i’m seven i should be allowed to at least go down the road and pick berries!” “Well your not going because i said so” But one thing her mother didn’t know was that Rainbow was going to sneak outside and pick goo berries just before the trick or treaters started arriving.Later on that night Rainbow closed the front door behind her and trotted down the street.”Hahaha” She thought as she finally arrived by the goo berry bush.

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Daria,
    What a fantastic blog Daria and well done for incorporating the Prompt so cleverly. You have used some great vocabulary and sentence starters which make this fun and interesting to read. Next time, remember that ‘I’ needs to be upper case. I know you are planning a part II which I will be excited to read to find out if Rainbow gets home safely.

    3 sparkly house points
    Mrs Addleton

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