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Once upon a time there once was a Girl and She went on her phone  To look at her News page. On her news page she saw the words: RAINING ORANGES IN CLUMSILY GIRL TOWN! For shelter he lifted up the bath and hid under it. He was Happy and she went in his bed and went to sleep. When She woke up he went in the bath again. Why was the town called Girl town and why was it raining oranges? she thought as he trampled onto her Maroon sofa.”that was super close”! She said as she went in the bathroom . The next day there was a fighter checking all the credit cards to see is they had the right numbers. If they were wrong The fighter would come and give you 3  options. You could either get your card in half so you couldn’t use it ever again or he could reverse or change the numbers so you could also never use it again or you could have both.


  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Izzy,
    It was a lovely suprise to find a blog from you this morning and it’s wonderful that you can blog from home at the weekend! I loved your idea of Girl Town and raining oranges and you used some great vocabulary, in particular ‘trampled’. Did you find it tricky to incorporate the word ‘fighter’? You used the strangeness of Girl Town to add it quite effectively at the end. I got a little bit confused knowing who ‘he’ was in lines 3-5, was it her dad or brother perhaps?
    It’s fantastic to have you back blogging – hope to have lots more to read from you.
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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