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all of us have or want a pet or annimal of some form. you love them and cherish them, I mean, who wouldnt love them more than anything ever??  you play and run around and just get that best feeling. you spend every day and night thinking of them and just what your going to do next. but when the time is right you might be sad, but remember, your ending there pain, suffering and misery. your sad to part but you may see each other again in heaven or wearever you beleve you go were you die.




life and loss by amber.


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  1. toby says:

    hi awsome amber

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    This is a difficult decision many of us with pets have had to make – whether to be selfish and keep them alive or relieve them of pain and suffering. Your advice is spot on Amber; enjoy and make the most of every minute with animals and people you love so that they can live on in all the wonderful memories you have.
    Keep blogging!
    1 house point
    Mrs Addleton

  3. William says:

    thats sad and depresing luckily i dont have a pet 🙁

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