Secret password

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I chose blogging for golden time and I was very excited about using the bold font on the keyboard.  I typed in my password but it seemed to be going backwards however it seemed to work and I managed to log in successfully.  I started to type my blog even though I was five minutes late after loosing some Golden Time.  I nearly got to 100 words but i noticed something strange; they seemed to be going backwards too!  I was very sad to lose Golden Time but won renetsil doog yrev a ma I.  By Calleigh

2 responses to “Secret password”

  1. Calleigh H says:

    Thank you so much I really appreciate it I am so excited ILove the cament

  2. Mrs A says:

    Hi Calleigh,
    This was fun to publish with you and of all the things you thought could go backwards this was the most cryptic!
    Hope to see you blogging again,
    1 house point,
    Mrs Addleton

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