the funny worm

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.once there was a funny worm called  billy and he loved to watch tv so he watched  the channels he loved and he was so exited cause his show was on so he paused it and he went to get cheese balls so he got the tub of cheese balls and sat on his leather sofa it was only £10. so he watched Emmerdale witch is the show he loves. Then he wanted to know when his wife was home and billy’s wife does not  like billy eating junk food she only likes him to eat salad so he hides all the junk food.

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Demi, this is a very funny story and I can just imagine naughty Billy keeping an eye out for his sensible wife coming home. I hope he doesn’t hide the cheese balls down the side of the new sofa and make it smell cheesy as I’m sure his wife will smell the evidence! Remember to use capital letters for the start of sentences and people’s names and check you aren’t using the word ‘so’ so often.
    1 house point.
    Mrs Addleton

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