the giant pepperami

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once a girl was at a school trip in the forest she had lots of peperami and metal she lost her lunch box it formed into a giant peperami man then the girl saw it she was scared it snapped in half. it jumped in the water and all of the water came out. and everything got wet . he was looking for his body . she thought how does he see its just his legs. she guided the legs to the body it had a glimps of the top half of the tbody she caught it she put it together wooo.

2 responses to “the giant pepperami”

  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    What an amazing debut blog! I absolutely loved the way you took inspiration from your playtime snack to write about the photo. Using the image of all the water being splashed out of the river was a really clever way of showing us how big the pepperami man was. Next time you could improve your blog by using capital letters to start all new sentences.
    3 house points – well done.
    Mrs Addleton

  2. Mrs Dibben says:

    Wow Lavia, what an unusual tale, how come she was wondering around with metal and pepperoni, a unique combination. She was very brave as well as kind guiding the peperami man to his body.
    Next time try to organise your writing using full stops as it will make it easier to read.

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